Collection, processing and use of personal data and its intended purpose

The collection, processing and use of personal data by is done solely for the following purposes and in compliance with relevant data protection regulations: communication with Ambassadors regarding campaign content.

We collect your personal information when you use the Berlin Sciences website to register as an Ambassador for the Brain City campaign. Registration requires you to provide your name, institution, position, address and email address. At your discretion, you may also provide your telephone number. Only names, institutions and positions are published on the website.

In addition to these personal details, you will also need to enter the following information (required field): "Focus of research," "How long have you been in Berlin?" "Your personal message on behalf of Berlin as a center of science and research," and "Why did you choose to make Berlin the hub for your life". In addition, you can also answer these optional questions: "To you, what is it about Berlin that makes it so exciting?" and "Explain your interests and hobbies".

This information is displayed under the heading, "Our Ambassadors". Data must be entered in fields marked as required; entering data in other fields is optional.

Each time a user accesses or retrieves a file, data about this action is stored in a log file for internal system-related and statistical purposes. Specifically, the following dataset is stored with each request:
•    The name of file requested
•    The date and time of the request
•    The amount of data transmitted
•    Message whether request was successful
•    Description of the type of browser used
•    Requesting domain
This raw statistical data is deleted after 30 days. The site providers have access to all data you enter on the website.

Personal data is also collected during interaction with the "Sign up to become an Ambassador" form. This data is stored solely for use in the campaign and is used exclusively for presentation on the website. By submitting this form you are consenting to the data being processed.
Data Transfer
Under no circumstances will this information be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties.

Deletion of Personal Data
We will delete your data when the purposes necessitating the collection, processing or use of that data cease to apply, e.g. because the Brain City campaign has been discontinued or for violations of the Terms of Use.