Be an ambassador!

Anyone who works in the science sector can become an ambassador – whether you’re a trainee scientist or Nobel laureate, whether you are here for a temporary research visit, or this is where you are based.

You work at a Berlin scientific institution or research company and would like to be the face of Berlin science? You can imagine visiting conferences and seminars as an ambassador for Berlin science and to persuade talented scientists and entrepreneurs of Berlin’s charm? Or are you leaving Berlin and wish to maintain your connections with this science location?


As an ambassador, you will inform and inspire others in Germany and abroad of your work and of Berlin. To help you with this task, we will provide you with an ambassador kit containing information and various advertising materials and ideas. Furthermore, we will write a short profile about you in the “Our Ambassadors” section of the website. If there is interest, further involvement within the campaign framework is possible – for example participating in ambassador network meetings or events. You can carry out your role as an ambassador in many different ways – depending on your field of activity and availability. Here are some examples:

  • Whenever you give a lecture, briefly inform your audience about the science capital Berlin, for example by using a PPT chart or a short film about Berlin as a center for science.
  • Refer to the campaign page and your ambassador profile.
  • Do you teach abroad or have visiting international students? Don’t just impress them with your specialist knowledge, but about Berlin too! We are happy to provide you with materials.
  • Use the Web 2.0 in order to inform your network about your activities as an ambassador. For example, share a link to your ambassador profile on Facebook or Twitter (#braincityberlin). 

Register as an ambassador here – we will contact you and provide you with more information