be Berlin - Brain City

Berlin is one of the largest centers for science in Europe. World-renowned scientists research at the four universities, seven universities of applied sciences and over 30 private universities of applied sciences as well as at more than 70 extramural institutions. Berlin has become an international magnet for scientists, young entrepreneurs and research companies.

The diversity of expertise is unique: for any research problem or any emerging innovation, you will find the right expertise in Berlin’s scientific community. An additional advantage is Berlin’s extraordinarily open research atmosphere.
The variety of partners and networks is second to none and the cooperation between the various institutions is particularly popular with the Berlin scientists. Scientists from all over the world bring a huge variety of different languages and lifestyles to the German capital, thus shaping the academic, cultural and scientific environment.

In order to further strengthen the public perception of this unique potential, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, together with Berlin Partner for Science Network initiated the Brain City campaign. The aim is to make science a significant part of the Berlin brand, and simultaneously promote the city.

The main focus is on the people behind the scientific and business successes: scientists at Berlin universities, research institutions and companies. They tell their stories and portray science in Berlin, promoting it as part of the campaign for Brain City.

Do you work at a Berlin scientific institution or research company and would like to be the face of Berlin science? You can imagine visiting conferences and seminars as an ambassador for Berlin science and to persuade talented scientists and entrepreneurs of Berlin’s charm? Or are you leaving Berlin and wish to maintain your connections with this science location?

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